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Our chiropractic services are beneficial to everyone; however, we do have a focus on women in all phases of life and a passion in treatment of the postpartum timeframe.

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Pelvic floor pt

Physical therapy for the pelvic floor has become increasingly more recognized for its importance in healing and regulating the pelvic floor for many different issues. While most commonly thought of for women during pregnancy and in the postpartum; men have pelvic floors too and may benefit from PT care in regards to hernias, pain, and movement dysfunction.

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Massage Therapy

Experience either more traditional massage, lymphatic drainage, medical massage, and prenatal massage here in office.

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Reflexology is an all over body treatment which specializes on calming the system through pressure points in the foot.
Reiki is a energetic healing modality that focuses on calming a chaotic nervous system through hands on energy transfer and leveling.

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dry needling

Dry needling is a technique used to treat pain and movement impairments. The term "dry" implies that the needling is dry and there is no use of medication or injection. Though quite different from acupuncture, the same types of needles are utilized.

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Home visits are available for established patients in order to make the transition into parenthood (or multiple children) smoother and more comfortable. 

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MLS Laser therapy

The MLS laser is a non-invasive answer to both chronic and acute pain, inflammation, and injury.

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Restore range of motion, eliminate pain, and restore normal function by treating scar tissue and myofascial restrictions manually.

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Movement and breathing patterns based on the foundation of human movement in order to heal compensation patterns and pain areas.

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Meet Dr. Lauren

Sterling Chiropractor, Dr. Lauren Wills, is a pregnancy and postpartum specialist. She treats members of our community in order to promote healthier lifestyles as well as easier and more comfortable pregnancies and safer healing practices for the postpartum mother. Dr. Lauren sees patients from the Sauk Valley area as well as the Quad Cities, Freeport, and Rockford.

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Our team at Rituals Chiropractic are prepared for you when you are ready to heal with purpose, move with purpose, and live with purpose. Are you ready?

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I had never been to a chiropractor before and had my doubts. I knew, though, That Dr. Lauren had plenty of experience with athletes. She was amazing with figuring out my issue and guiding me through fixing it and preventing future issues. She used several techniques including adjustments, Graston and dry needling. She is the only one I will go to.

- Julie

The evaluation seemed very thorough and Dr. Lauren explained things very clearly. I was slightly hesitant, but was at ease very quickly and feel very comfortable with what we discussed and her suggestions for “homework “. Thank you for making my first ever chiropractic visit a good one!


Lauren has been a godsend.Sadly Iwas a lil defiant at first but,she was extremely patient and help me along step by step,I would like to THANK HER for all she’s done for me……….so THANK YOU LAUREN U R AMAZING 🤩 YOU!!!


My first appointment with Dr. Lauren Wills was great! She is such a kind human and so so smart! I greatly appreciate her time, patience and knowledge. I suffer from migraines and I had my first dry needling session with her and I’m hopeful that she is going to be able to help me get some relief from my migraines. I have my next three appointments set up with her and I’m excited for this journey!


I really felt cared for on a very customized level today. Dr Lauren may have saved my running yet again.


Super thanks for your help in being a Miracle Worker!!!!


Dr. Lauren is amazing! Her office is inviting and has a relaxing atmosphere. Her knowledge is amazing and can calm the body down with whatever issue you may going on.


Dr. Lauren was fantastic! She took time to thoroughly understand my son's condition and then explained exactly what she was doing and why. She was very pleasant to talk to and very compassionate and helpful.


Always takes her time with the individual concerns you may have—and explains it all along the way ; this is as much as intriguing and important to me as a 33 week pregnant patient 🥰.    


Carrying, compassionate, professional. Outstanding chiropractor. Dr. Lauren continually strives to offer the best, latest methods to help her patients achieve healthier, better, happier lives.


Lauren is very thorough and takes the time to explain what she is doing and why. A+ Experience always... 



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